My First Book & Why It Is


My first book was “Don’t Use A Chainsaw In The Kitchen”. It started out as many things do in my life, by accident and as an example of being a very lazy person at heart.
As my children and stepchildren grew up and left home, the requests started coming in. “Mom, how do you make—-” and the list just grew.
So instead of just writing it down for each one, I typed it up once and made copies. The pile of recipes got out of hand. I organized them into some semblance of order. Then friends wanted it.
By this time, there were over 400 recipes and assorted how-to directions, on butchering, making sausage, building a trappers cabin, tanning hides and my autobiography at the back of the book.
It’s not professionally edited or even carefully proofread, but it has just about anything you want to know about living out on your own and making do.
The title? That is a whole different story involving a gift of frozen pork loins at minus 40 degrees F. and my aversion to going outdoors to cut them up. Major cleaning job required in the kitchen after that and I really dislike cleaning house. Don’t Use A Chainsaw In The Kitchen

2 thoughts on “My First Book & Why It Is

  1. Congratulations, great job on getting the blog up and running…. Now for a baked potato I will give you some secrets of how to get and widen your audience *_*

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