My Old Cabin Door

My Old Cabin

My Old Cabin

That screen door was amazing. It was all that was used for over 30 years as a front door. It was very old, made out of wood with a screen portion where most have a window. The inside door was just boards nailed together but no latch or hasp on it and as the cabin settled, it was stuck in the open position and probably became part of the front wall support as the cabin is actually slowly falling down.
It was a lot too breezy with only the screen instead of glass, so we stapled cardboard from a stereo carton inside the door as partial insulation and to keep out most of the breezes as the wood pieces were rather wide apart, also. We used a hook and eye latch on the inside and a hasp and lock on the outside if we were gone. That was more to let folks know we were gone than to keep anyone out as the wood on both ends of the hasp was rotten.
We never had a problem with bears tearing into the door until a couple of years ago, one demolished it and trashed part of the inside of the cabin. Now the cabin has a handmade door but it isn’t the same and has no character.

One thought on “My Old Cabin Door

  1. Yep that was always quite a door. Never understood how the bears stayed out so many years as you had huge ones come by & work over things each season. Bears that were even taller than the cabin. Memories memories!!! Thanks for sharing.

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