Guys, Gotta Love’em, Can’t Just Shoot’em


Okay, lets get one thing straight. I am NOT looking for a guy. I love guys, guys have been my best friends most of my life and I usually work with guys. They are wonderful as friends. I have had the good fortune to have married a wonderful guy and we had a very good marriage for 12 years. Then he died. I should have let it go at that and just been happy for the time I had with a wonderful man and not expected the good fortune of finding another one. But NOooOoo, I had to jump in a couple of years after he died and tried to find someone I could love again.
I think love is like a drug. Once you have had it, you keep looking for it, yet again. That may work for some people, I just don’t seem to have the right gene for it or else I have “Sucker” writtin on my forehead and only toads, trolls and ufo’s (you don’t want to know what that stands for) can see it and flock to me. I still like to think the best of people so dumb me, I always believe everything they tell me.
So, after getting all of that out there, I will say once again, I am not looking for a guy. I am actually enjoying the single life and since my idea of housework is, you wash the dishes, you make the beds and 6 months later, you have to do it all over again, I think it is better this way. I can be as lazy as I please and nap until noon, stay up until whenever and no one is after me about my hours.
I just bought a new (to me) 4 wheeler and am enjoying just running it around at 1 am, if I want and not even feel a little bit guilty for neglecting something else needing done, instead.
Then there is the small matter of age. I am 70 years old, soon to be 71. Why should I clutter up my life with another person? There just isn’t enough hours in a day nor enough energy in me for that. Today is a good example. I did some dozer work on my driveway then build a section of wall for my grandson’s cabin. Later, I built another small section of wall for an octagon cabin we are building as a guest cabin. I then came home and had a fine dinner of potatoes, onions, bell peppers, sausage and eggs. I have spent a couple of hours this evening writing on a book I have in the works and no problem of having to care if I am neglecting someone else’s ego. I am tired and will soon just go to bed, after shutting off the generator I run a few hours each evening. Yes, I have become selfish and only do what I feel like doing. It feels great.


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