Guys, Gotta Love ’em, Can’t Just Shoot ’em – Part Two

Me Woodshed

Okay, it has been suggested I would actually like to BE a guy. Uh, wrong. I really like being female and can only think of 2 reasons that I ever might have considered that guys have an edge. One is fairly obvious, giving birth. Guys certainly get the easy part of procreation. My second reason is just a little bit different and seems to hit the worst when I am working outdoors in mosquito weather or in the middle of minus 40 degrees and still no bathroom in sight. The very thought of having to undress almost half my body for either the mosquitoes to attack or frostbite to threaten sometimes does give just a twinge of envy. Other than that, no way, I like being female.
The lack of an extruded appendage has not hampered my career, whether it be mining, operating heavy equipment, building a house or cutting firewood. I can do any or all of those things and it never has made a difference. I have seen where that same appendage could be a liability when someone got hit wrong. I’ve never had to worry about that.
I am even trying to learn to be just a bit helpless once in a while and accept help.
Of course the main thing I would love to accept help on, housework, is never an option. No one ever comes by and says, “Oh, that is such a hard job. How about I step in and give you a hand?”
Oh yeah, I hate housework. You do the dishes, you make the beds and 6 months later, you have to do them all over again. With all the new technology, a self cleaning house would be wonderful. Of course, it would have to be an off-grid self cleaning house, since I don’t have electricity or running water.
I do like to cook. I also like to eat well. The best way to assure consistent good eating is to learn to be a good cook. Most things in my life, I have learned because I always have more time than money. My Mom collected dolls, so when I moved to Alaska, she wanted authentic Alaskan dolls. I priced them and went home and made her a whole family of Alaskan dolls. I want a picture on the wall, I draw or paint one. I want a home in the woods, I build one. You are only limited by your imagination. Mine has always been in overdrive.

2 thoughts on “Guys, Gotta Love ’em, Can’t Just Shoot ’em – Part Two

    • Thanks. It’s a lot easier to just write what you feel once you get old enough to not really give a damn what anyone thinks. I appreciate you reading my posts. I’m never sure whether or not I should click on publish, LOL.

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