Almost the Edge of Nowhere


Almost the Edge of Nowhere
After my husband died, I finally decided I had enough of living in town. I grew up off grid and wanted to go back to it.
I sold the house and bought a parcel of ground 50 miles beyond power/phone/mail delivery systems. FedEx and UPS do not deliver out here, no matter what their ads say.
I lived in a tent the first summer here, while building driveways and building pads with my Mothers Day present, from many years before, an old military surplus dozer.
With grizzly bears and black bears wandering around I slept very lightly that summer. I also planted a garden on top the hill above my tent. By putting pallets on the ground and plywood on them under the tent, I stayed nice and dry and never had a problem with water in the tent during the late summer storms.
A now ex-boyfriend built the first floor of a supposed to be 2 story house, ignoring all advice on building in a northern climate and we moved into it during a snowstorm. He soon left for the Lower 48 and I tried to keep from freezing to death in an uninsulated shed he called a house. He sent some money up to a friend in town to buy some insulation, finally, and the fellow brought it out and dumped it.
I spent the next 12 hours insulating the walls and ceiling and putting some plastic over it for vapor barrier, but didn’t have enough. Ice started building up in the walls and ceiling at a pretty good rate over the ice already there from heat indoors without a vapor barrier and insulation, earlier on. Water would freeze on the table near the heater. I expected to freeze every time I went to sleep. Waking up was an adventure.
It was a lovely winter.


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