Jeep Tracks

You want to hear a true story about taking vehicles where they were never meant to go? My Dad took our little Jeep to the top of the north Sister, of the 3 Sisters in the Cascades Range back in the 1950‘s, using the winch. So there are Jeep tracks up there.
Same year, he was driving in two ruts he thought was a road going around a mountain in the Steens Mountains in SE Oregon, then the ruts crossed, it was cow trails and no place to turn around, so all us kids had to hang on the uphill side to keep the Jeep from rolling, (cloth top and no roll bars) Our butts were dragging the rocks and brush as he inched around the whole dang mountain. Our feet were up on the metal sides and hanging onto the string ties the roof was fastened on with. Since then, I have wondered how lucky we were to not have a string break.
He always said if it was driven once, it was a trail, twice, it’s a road and 3 times it is a highway. He was convinced he could make that Jeep go anywhere. Most of the time he was right.


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