A Late Night in Alaska


From my Journal
May 29, 2011
Last night, my daughter and I went out to see my grandson at the mining claims and try to help them figure out what they are doing. On the way home, we saw a beautiful blond grizzly, toklat coloring, and were ooOoing and ahhhing over it running across the road, when a humungous grizzly came booking out of the brush and across in front of us, if we hadn’t of stopped he would have possibly bowled over the little toyota pickup, he was huge.
All I could think is, the hunting season is still open and if someone had stopped and shot the lovely blond griz, and started walking up to it, and that huge dark griz came tearing out of the brush, that certainly would have been an “Oh sh*t” moment.
We didn’t want to deter him on his way and don’t think if he was determined, that the truck would have been much protection, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy, other than all that screaming, on the inside.

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