I’m in Love


I’m in love. The first time we spent the night together, I thought it might be a passing fancy, but now I am positive it is true love. That warm feeling inside when ever I think about our time together, the longing to be together again, missing spending more time in our own little cocoon of warmth and happiness. This is the stuff of dreams.
With the onset of winter, here in Alaska, just thinking about all those cold nights we will be spending together makes me feel happy inside. Even my cats love you. Every time I see them snuggled up on you, it makes me smile. Yes, this is love.
I make sure every night when I turn on the generator, that I smooth out all the little wrinkles from your surface. An electric blanket has to be treated with care.

6 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. With the snow tonight, I better start building a fire. Although that blanket sure has made it nice without a fire.
    That picture says October snow, Pete, it was last years. Was too dark to take a picture of tonight’s snow.

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