Dang, one of these days I think I might quit building. I hate being up on a ladder and working on a roof, even a flat roof that is supposed to be the 2nd story floor once the cabin is done, is still working on a roof.
The cabin is small, only 16 X 24 feet and was supposed to be a 2 story cabin which is okay for a young couple just starting out. However, due to several different reasons, it is going to only be one story so we will see how they like the togetherness this winter and if they will get around and help better next season to actually double their living space. I digress.
Yesterday and today, the stars were in alignment and everyone was doing more than their share, so an entirely unprofessional crew of (3) volunteers put the upstairs floor joists in and decked it. Then today, we added a good vapor barrier that will hopefully keep it mostly waterproof, then a layer of foam board. Some old blue stuff I have had on hand since I built the cabin near town over 25 years ago that my daughter and I unearthed from it‘s storage area farther down the hill. Then white roofing membrane.
I think the three of us that ended up on the deck are probably the worst cases of fear of heights around, although my daughter is probably at champ at that. She has managed to do some of the ladder work on this job and continues trying to get better at it. I am proud of her. My other two helpers up on top today are so welcome for their help. I could not have unfolded that white roofing membrane and spread it out as well as they did. It is salvage stuff and not without it’s problems, but it should work. We put a triple layer of foam board down the center of the roof, to keep the seams raised, since we don’t have a way to seal it. Then 16 foot 2 x 6’s were placed on top over the seam to hold the membrane until the weight of snow does the job.
I used some red tops over the sides to nail the membrane to the top plate on the walls. Yeah, I stayed on my belly and reached over. None of this just crouching over and reaching waaaay down without probably just toppling on over. Did I mention I hate heights?

5 thoughts on “Building

  1. I think somewhere on the books is a law that states every man and woman over 70 will not be allowed to do any more construction. They must just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors. ***You haven’t lost your golden touch another house roofed in before winter!!! CONGRATULATIONS

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