The Beginning – still continued

The cover for my first novel, Book 1 of a Trilogy.

The cover for my first novel, Book 1 of a Trilogy.

Chapter 3
The next day is just like a continuation of yesterday. There is never any real sunset or sunrise involved. The sun just goes behind a hill to the north, then swings around and is just as light and bright as ever. There is never an overhead noon time sun. It just circles the sky. If I can’t sleep, I can always go out and work in the garden or cut some firewood.
I head down the hill fairly early but hadn’t checked the time. I figured I could get a lot cut and ready to haul before I bother taking the pickup down so just cut across the yard and hike down the hill. By the time I have a couple of loads cut and dragged to the road, I would really like a break, so hike back across the hill to the house.
I dunk my head in the water barrel at the corner of the shed on my way by and it feels cool and refreshing so I am ready to fix something to eat and drive back down. I about jump out of my skin when someone says hello right by my door. Government guy is standing there and I didn’t hear him coming. I better start paying attention or I may be a meal for some hungry bear. He has gone pale when I realize I have my gun out and pointed at him. Well, maybe I won’t be a bear meal just yet. Reflexes still work.
I apologize and put the gun away. I ask him if he would like lunch and he says it is breakfast time. Oops, maybe I should have checked the clock before heading out, but with daylight 24/7, it doesn’t make any difference for work. I have some homemade bread I had made a couple of days ago, so sliced it and made some sandwiches which he didn’t seem to mind for his breakfast. Since it was honey cinnamon bread slathered in “apple butter” made from rosehips, it was similar to a breakfast roll, anyway. I cleaned the sandwich makings up as I was using them, so after eating, I was ready to head down with the pickup and get the firewood. He tagged along, so we made short order of hauling the wood up and stacking it in the woodshed. I was surprised at how easily we fell into a routine and worked quietly but well together. I cut more wood and he loaded the pickup while I was cutting. Six full loads today. That is much more than I could have done by myself. I suppose I should find out what his name is.
When we got to the house with the last load, I went in and started the potatoes I had ready. Then we finished stacking the wood. At this rate a couple more days and the woodshed will be full. I may need to add on and see if I can have an extra year in reserve. That would certainly make me feel better. I like to have things in reserve just in case I get ill or hurt and can’t go get more for a while.
When we get in the house, the evening meal is smelling very good. Maybe it is from all the work done today, or maybe it really is just as good as it smelled, but we definitely did justice to the food. A slow cooked bear roast that had marinated all night in beer then cooked in it with garlic and seasonings. The baked potatoes were good, with the brown gravy from the roast and a very small salad made from the first trimmings from the early planting in the garden. Homemade bread on the side.
I am ready for sleep when I get done eating, but government guy is relaxed and seems to want to talk. He picks up the dishes and has the dishpan full of hot soapy water before I can even say I will do them. He tells me since I cooked, he will clean up. Dang, this guy is too good to be true, he must already be married or an ax murderer just awaiting his moment.
I jerk awake as someone is carefully covering me with a throw and look straight into the most beautiful eyes. Melting chocolate comes to mind and I love chocolate. It should be illegal for a guy to have eyes and eyelashes like that. He laughs gently and says, “My name is Noah.”
Oh man, did I actually just call him government guy?

2 thoughts on “The Beginning – still continued

  1. Oh hell, this isn’t going to turn into a country song, is it? I’m hearing a whole lotta Hank Williams and “Hey, Good-Lookin’.” I know Loretta’s in there somewhere so on to chapter 4…

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