The Beginning – yes, it’s chapter 6

The cover for my first novel, Book 1 of a Trilogy.

The cover for my first novel, Book 1 of a Trilogy.

Chapter 6
The trip home was pleasant and no problems from any of my passengers. I see the signs for The Hit & Run Snack Shack far enough ahead to slow and pull in. I have been curious about this place since I moved out here. Now I have a good excuse to pull in and snoop, er, see.
A cute little homemade cabin on a trailer frame is the first thing I notice. It has an Open sign on it. So I pull up and stop. I am not sure how Pal will be, so leave him in the pickup with the window rolled down a bit.
The woman at the window smiles pleasantly at me and I relax a bit. She don’t look like she is mean and unpleasant which is all I had ever heard about the people here. Maybe they hire someone to run this.
The signs explained Hit & Run. A mean smiling mosquito was beside Hit and a evil smiling bear was beside Run on the T shirts and hoodies.
The woman says Hi, then waits patiently for me to make up my mind. I decide on ice cream while I am thinking, so order a peppermint bar.
I finally decide on a turkey wrap, with all the fixings. She assembles it in short order and we talk a bit about the road and the weather and assorted odds and ends. I compliment her on the food and the signs. Then tell her I had copied some I particularly liked for my driveway. She laughed and said now she knew where I lived, too. I asked how long they had lived here, and she told me 14 years. I said she must have thought it was getting too crowded when I moved in, since I was feeling that way about the newest additions.
We both started laughing and then she added about them wanting the roads kept in better shape and I about choked when we both said and we bet next was trash pickup, then electricity and mail delivery.
Pal was looking mournfully out the window and she asked if it was okay to give him some scraps she had on hand. I said sure and went to let him out. I wasn’t sure if he would make a break for freedom and head back for town or not, so grabbed his leash as he jumped down. I told her I was his new person, and we were not acquainted yet. So she handed me the meat scraps she had, to give to him and begin our getting to know each other so he would expect food from only me.
Then she noticed the chicks in the backseat and we talked about chickens and how to keep them alive year around, here, without electricity. I decided I better add the chicken coop against my house, so maybe enough heat would leach into it to keep them from freezing up. If I kept it clean and made vents near the ceiling and floor maybe, it would work out okay. Insulate it very well, use Plexiglas for the windows to let in light and not much heat loss. I could put a run to use in warmer months out from that.
I figured I better head for home or my chicks would die from lack of food and water. She said she was busy mornings cutting firewood, so only had the afternoons in the shack, but maybe after she got enough firewood in, she could stop by and give a hand. Yay, I had found a friend.
Just as I was leaving, her daughter came up and said she was sorry to be late, she was finishing up today’s load of firewood for her house.
The shack belonged to the daughter, the mother had just been filling in. She was building a little tiny cabin out back of the shack to rent to hikers, bikers or anyone else coming through that needed a small place overnight. I walked back with her to see it and it was so cute. A small octagon shaped cabin with a psychedelic door with a cartoon lynx face on it. She said the shape of the cabin was her daughter’s idea, also the door. They had found the door at the dump and sanded it down, primed it and the daughter had done all the painting except for the lynx. It is certainly one of a kind. I like it.

6 thoughts on “The Beginning – yes, it’s chapter 6

  1. I donated $5 to their cause one fall day when I went to make coffee and realized Better Half had borrowed my lighter from the glove box and not returned it. Cabin construction was still occurring and Mom was kind enough to dig out an extra from inside the Shack. ‘No charge,’ she said when I offered to pay, but I insisted; some things become dear with the passage of time.

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