The Beginning – It’s about time, here’s chapter 9

One morning out my window.

One morning out my window.

Chapter 9
I didn’t sleep too well after that surprise, last night. I knew I was enjoying having Noah around and that we worked well together, but no idea he was thinking along those lines, also.
I check on my spring and it is looking better every day. I start downstream from the source and dig out an area to gravel later for the place to fill water jugs. Then I dig carefully upstream, hoping not to ruin my little spring and see how I should place the perforated pipe.
I place some fairly flat river rocks down and then the pipe on top, gently sloping downhill. More rocks all around the pipe and out a ways on each side, trying to maintain a level surface. Then heavy duty plastic carefully on top of the rocks and foam board on top the plastic, another layer of foam board over all of that with the seams offset. A final layer of heavy plastic and I am ready to cover the whole works with dirt.
Water is flowing out the end of the pipe, so it is still going downhill. I fill the wheelbarrow with the dirt removed below the pipe and spread it over the plastic covered foam board. Then I start a ditch from the overflow toward my garden area. If I can get the water to flow as close as possible, it will save me a lot of work later.
Pal decides digging should be shared, so he gets in and digs with me. Too bad he doesn’t know which direction I am trying to go with this. I find that if I start a shallow furrow the direction I want to go, he is willing to dig in the easier dirt under the roots and moss. Maybe we can be a working team, here.
When I decide I have done enough on the water for the day and head for the house, I find that I missed breakfast and in danger of missing lunch. Guess that little project took a lot longer than I planned on spending there, today.
Pal and I eat a quick meal and I leave him in the house when I go down to cut trees. I don’t want him to get hurt if I lose track of him.
I think I have almost enough wood for myself for this season and probably next, also. So I go ahead and ring some more trees to have dry wood when I need to cut next year. I am slowly clearing a good wide firebreak line around my property.
After putting away all the tools I used today, I fix a small meal and go weed in the garden a bit. It isn’t very high with weeds, but I would rather keep them down so maybe I can find the vegetables as they grow. The chicks love the little weeds now and expect them when I come on the porch. The seeds planted under the plastic are growing quite well and I pick some more of the lettuce for a late sandwich, when I go back in.
After some weeding and watering in the garden and greenhouse, I head over to Will and Shari’s to check on their spring.
We hike up to the spot we dug in and it has a nice little pool of water and a bit of overflow going off into the moss. They decide to go ahead and improve it so there is another source of water on their place. We spend a couple of hours pulling small brush and weeds and digging around a bit more.
As we are walking back from the spring, there is a shot off to our left a ways, but quite close. They have their property posted, so we go to investigate. It did not sound like a large caliber weapon, and with only one shot, it is hard to pinpoint the area it came from. We search around a bit and spot something red over near the trees at the edge of their property. As we get closer, it appears to be a person on the ground. We all stop and look at the body, not believing what we are seeing.
Slowly, we approach, but the person does not move. By the size and shape, it appears to be male. None of us wants to touch, but if he is alive, we should render assistance. Will finally touches the man’s neck and does not feel a pulse. Shari is getting very agitated and says she thinks he is someone they know. We move to the other side for a better view of his face and Shari gives a little moan and passes out.
Since there is nothing to do for the man, we work on bringing Shari around. She is white as a sheet and back in ghost mode. “It is my ex-husband, Rod.” she whispers. “He found us.”
As we circle around trying not to trample the area, Shari finds a rifle. She starts to pick it up and Will and I both grab her to stop her. She is in shock and keeps saying it is her rifle that her Daddy had given her a long time ago.
If she had picked it up and it is her rifle, it would have had her fingerprints on it and her ex-husband dead on her property. I can just see the District Attorney gleefully rubbing his hands together over this one.
I offer to stay and stand guard while they go call it in to the Troopers. This is going to be messy. I feel like someone is watching our every move. I really wish I had Pal with me and a very large gun. I do have my small handgun tucked into my pants pocket and it does not show.
A pipeline security guard is driving by as Will and Shari start to pull out and he waves the guard over. Will explains the problem and the guard pulls in and drives up towards the body, but parking back a ways. He looks at the body from a distance and the rifle, but does not walk over and does not touch. He says he will call it in for us, if we like, as he is going to be in range with his cell phone pretty soon on the pipeline frequency.
I feel better with the other 2 staying here with me and the feeling of being watched fades away.
While we wait, Will and Shari talk about her ex, wondering how he found them and why he came out here. No matter how we talk it around, none of us have any answers.

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