A Small Rant

It seems like every time Politicians/City Council Members/Communities spend beyond their income, they start looking around for some Patsy to pay for their indiscretions and poor planning.
Currently, it looks like Nenana and Stevens Village have gotten themselves so deeply into debt that they are going for a major land grab by encompassing a huge chunk of the State for themselves a Borough. Yay for them, it sounds so good to have all that tax money pouring in for absolutely no services provided to the Patsies that will be forced to pay to live on their own land or lose their homes.
Why would anyone in their right mind blindly accept being forced into this new borough? There is absolutely no plus side for the people involved. I can see where Nenana and Stevens Village will come out ahead, someone will have to pay for their inability to live within their means. Their poor planning does not constitute an emergency for me. However, if they succeed in getting their new borough, then I will definitely have a major problem.
I live on a fixed income. There is little chance of getting a job out here to meet the cash that will be needed to pay property taxes. There are many in my position and if we lose our homes due to inability to pay property taxes, then we will become a drain on the nearest town which would be Fairbanks which would not even be the cause of our losing our homes yet bearing the brunt of supporting us. We get no services from the towns in question and that is fine, we do not ask for any. However, if we are going to be in the position of having to support their grandiose ideas of what they need in those towns, they better be offering some really good services to all of us living out here in the Bush.
It’s really great that Politicians live better off YOUR money than YOU can afford and expect YOU to be happy to keep supporting their lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “A Small Rant

  1. I just read the proposed borough details; what a bunch of hogwash – scary hogwash. Most of the described “outliers” (can you believe bush Alaskans are now called outliers?!) are living “out there” because they DON’T want any of this stuff. Outliers. Well. Maybe it’ll be the Brooks, after all, for me.

  2. The North Slope is trying for all of the Brooks Range. Nenana wants Tanana, Rampart, Manley, Minto almost down to Ruby and quite a bit farther north of the River. They want all the miles of pipeline and pump stations that they can get, the rest of us are just collateral damage. North Star Borough tried getting to the Yukon River a few years ago, same reasons. they are holding hearings, i guess, although we were not notified. We heard through a guy on shortwave radio and we are all supposed to drive over to Minto for a hearing although no date was given and that road is so great this time of year.

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