One of THOSE Days…

Lovley Day
Today seems to have been one of THOSE days. I have been under the weather for about two weeks, so when I woke up feeling half human, I thought I would get caught up on a couple of things around here.
I plowed road, one trip around and the Ford plow truck died in Kara’s yard. I took the Toyota home, got it stuck in my yard, pulled it out with the Cheve, went back up later to check their fire and Ford started, so plowed another trip around and some in my yard, and got the plow stuck.
I started to pull it out with the Cheve and noticed the canopy about a foot farther back than it supposed to be. I had pulled Toyota from the front, so pulled the Ford from the back and canopy went about halfway back on, plus all the snow on the roof came over windshield.
I left the Ford and drove up and turned around in my driveway and slammed on brakes coming back down the hill and got the canopy on far enough I could load firewood on tailgate (Could get it open, canopy not sitting on it now) unloaded firewood in the house and porch to rebuild stock out there. Then I came in and took a nap.