The Beginning – chapter 19

One morning out my window.

One morning out my window.

Chapter 19
We walk back up the hill to the shack. Right after we get there, a rental SUV pulls into the turn around area. A large hefty guy looking like a walking advertisement for a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen steps out and no other word for it, he moseys over. His thumbs hooked into his low slung belt. His belly hiding them quite well. He is trying to look like a good old boy that loves everyone but his eyes are hard and unsmiling, searching all around and missing very little. Just looking at the way he looks at Kara and Rose has my hackles rising. This is not a nice man. As soon as he opens his mouth, I groan inwardly. “Why howdy do, little ladies.” Dang, another one of those but somehow I don’t think I am going to change my first opinion on this one.
There are 2 other guys sitting in the SUV. They are watching every move being made and look like they would be more comfortable with shotguns in their hands. This looks like a hanging party to me. But Beer Gut is back to slathering it on thick. “I don’t suppose either of you little ladies know where I could find my dear daughter-in-law, would you? She done run off with some low life and is hiding, afraid to come back to her loving family. She thinks she might get a spanking and I am sure my son may reprimand her, but he loves that little gal.”
Uh, he is talking about Shari. I saw the pictures of how he reprimanded her for nothing, and he would consider this more than nothing. Except he is dead and this man knows it. I ease over to where the guys are working and ask one of them to go warn Will and Shari that her father-in-law is here. He also has 2 more in his pack of wolves. No, I am bad mouthing wolves to lump them in together. These are more like hyenas. Looking for weak and injured to gang up on and tear to shreds. I know this man knows his sons are dead, why is he pretending they are not? The Troopers would have notified him back when they found Rod, and again with tentative ID on Rob.
Rose and Kara are doing the same thing I did with Will, the first time I met him. They are acting like they haven’t a brain and why would anyone ever leave such a nice family? Rose has her hand clenched so tightly, I think she is going to break something and soon. I can only imagine what Kara has in her hand, inside the shack where she has a gun and knives. I am wishing for something to take care of Shari’s problem, myself.
As we are standing there, wondering how we can send this troll off on a wild goose chase, a Trooper vehicle pulls in. It is our friendly Trooper that has been so nice about all the other problems. He walks over and asks the man for ID. He shifts the man over a bit so they can have a private conversation, but the man isn’t having any of it. He is loud and blustering and not about to back down. The first thing I know, he has swung a fist at the Trooper and somehow, quicker than I was expecting, he is flat on his face on the ground and the Trooper is cuffing him. The other 2 bale out of the SUV and run at the Troopers back and Kara pulls up a nasty looking handgun and stops them in their tracks by firing up into the air. They almost land on top the Trooper bent over their leader. But they do get stopped. The Trooper stands up and brushes off the knees of his pants. When he turns to the “boys” the smile on his face seems to take the starch right out of them.
They haven’t actually done anything, so he allows them to remain free while he manhandles the reluctant prisoner to his car. The man is screaming that he is a Sheriff and he will have the Troopers badge. The Trooper says that is fine, there are no Sheriffs in Alaska. He has always thought he would like to take up painting and tells him his number. Rose is snickering over behind the shack, Kara still has the gun in her hand, but down out of sight now. I have mine slid along my leg out of sight. Roman and Thad have managed to make it over near us and are standing with a gun each, also. The Trooper suggests to the Sheriff’s buddies that they fly right back to where they came from and he better not hear of them causing any trouble for anyone. He does write down all their information from their ID and gives it back to them. He does take the time to tell us that when they flew in and rented an SUV, the Troopers were notified and he had been following them. He had seen the pictures and read the report on Shari’s condition after her loving family had taken such good care of her. All the healed up broken bones were listed, also. Since the Sheriff had actually swung at the Trooper, he would be going straight to jail and held without bail as a flight risk.
As the Trooper in his car and the SUV are leaving the driveway, Will and Shari are pulling in with Noah. Shari has scrunched down so they cannot see her. We all explain what has happened. Will called the 2 buddies Beau and Luke and said they liked to think they were the epitomy of the guys in the movies. He didn’t think they would be dangerous without Royal in his capacity as Sheriff, backing them. Later, we learned that the 2 buddies had not flown out and were still hanging around in town. So now there was a buddy of Rod’s and 2 buddies of his dad’s still somewhere in the area. Just what we needed. But Will and Shari will certainly be careful and are getting a dog, too. They want one that is large enough for protection, but good natured to family. It would be an indoor dog except when out with them in the yard. I suggested checking at the Pound. Sometimes can find well trained nice dogs there. They were planning on going in the next day, and would look. Well, that certainly livened up our day. I would have missed that if I had stayed home and did my chores. Somehow, Rose managed to snap a picture, just as Royal swung at the Trooper and she has it ready to print out and send in with Will and Shari the next day. It will be pretty hard for Royal to say that never happened. I hope they keep him a very long time. Instead, they will probably send him home if he promises never to come back. Somehow, he doesn’t seem the type to honor a promise he didn’t want to make

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