The Beginning – chapter 20

One morning out my window.

One morning out my window.

Chapter 20
Well, this has certainly been a lively afternoon. Will and Shari come over as we are all putting our various weapons away, Noah right behind them. Shari is nervously giggling and says she bets those guys never met women like us. “Let me guess, he started out by calling ya’ll little ladies, right?” Will looks sheepish at this and grins and pokes her. She is laughing outright by now. Rose goes over to her and says it will be okay. She says she does the same thing when scared half to death, she starts giggling and laughing. Shari is shaking so bad we find her a seat to sit down. Kara comes out with a sweater and puts it around her so she don’t chill. She has been so afraid for so long, it is hitting her very hard. I just hope she doesn’t let her guard down too soon. There are still 3 people not accounted for and who knows how long Royal will be held in jail? I needn’t have worried, she and Will both mention just that thing after a few minutes of relaxing. But at least now we have faces to the fear and knowing what is going on. Will gets ice cream from Kara and hands it out to us. A little sugar may help Shari right now and the rest of us always like ice cream.
I ride back over to Will and Shari’s and we work out in the garden a while, as we talk. They want to get their place a bit more secure. They do have a nice open area around the house and outbuildings so they can see if anyone is coming in. I suggest some old rearview mirrors set so they can see behind the outbuildings from in the house, like I have at my place. If anyone asks, it is because of bears. But it would help spot a person, also. I need to get a few more set up on my place, since I have been building and blocking my views. Noah comes over and says Rose has invited us all to her place for dinner, this evening, if we can. I go back with Noah, Will and Shari follow in their vehicle.
Rose has made some bread using the quinoa she has been growing with some success. It adds a different flavor and texture, but is good. She used it in place of rice in the side dish and has made chicken fried steaks from some moose meat she had in her freezer. The salad is greens picked thinning her garden patch. A very good dinner, especially since I didn’t have to cook it. We all talk about growing more of our own food out here and what all grows quite well. Rose used to work for a seed company in Fairbanks and did the research on new varieties at that time.
Dessert is a lemon cake, split and filled with lemon pudding and a cream cheese frosting on it. Oh, my. I love lemon almost as much as chocolate.
After dinner we are all almost too stuffed to move. Kara is the first one to go home and the rest of us just slowly follow along. I don’t think I like days this interesting
. The next day, Will and Shari go in to get a dog and take the picture Rose has printed out for them to give the Troopers. That should help the case against Royal. The picture shows his face perfectly and also what he is trying to do.
Shari has her doctors appointment and everything is going well. The doctor suggests she relax more. Well, with Royal in jail, maybe she can. They find a lovely female mastiff at the pound. She is about 3 years old and quite well behaved and trained. Then they found 2 beautiful malemutes and by the time they left, they had the start of a team. The dogs had been brought in with harness, so they were given the harnesses, also. They find a deal on a used sled and strap it on top the vehicle. They are going for the whole Alaskan experience. Then they fill the rest of their vehicle and the sled with dog food. They pick up wire to make a dog run, and soon have an overloaded vehicle. The mastiff and the malemutes check each other out, but seem inclined to get along okay.
When they decided to get a dog, they were really serious. From none to 3 large dogs in one day was quite a change. They decided to put the dog run behind the house and a bit to the side so the dogs could see anyone coming up the drive. When Roman and Thad pulled up, Will was digging post holes. He figured next trip, he would buy some metal posts which would have been simpler to place and last longer. He thought he would probably have to buy some concrete to keep the dogs from digging out, but this should hold them, in the meantime. Roman says he is going in the next day and can pick up posts since he is taking his trailer, and the concrete, also, if Will would like. So they figure out what amounts of each will be needed and Shari asks about a gate. So a gate is added to the list. Will hands over a wad of cash. Roman says to wait until they get back, as they may not be able to find all that is needed.
That night, Pal is nervous, pacing around in the house until I finally check all the windows. I don’t see anything, but hate to turn him out and maybe have a bear in the area or wolf that may hurt him. He thinks he is invincible, but I don’t want him hurt. So I grab the 12 gauge with slugs and go out with him. He sniffs around the house and under each window. If it was a bear, it is the only one I ever saw that wanted to peek in windows.
As we come around the back corner of the house, 2 guys jump away from the wall and Pal immediately takes off after them. From the sounds, he is getting in his notice that they are not welcome. I call him back, when he reaches the edge of the yard. I don’t want them to hurt him if they have a vehicle parked out of sight and maybe guns. He comes trotting back with a big doggy grin and shards of shirts hanging from his teeth. I think he may have gotten deeper than shirts from the screams once in a while. I hear the motor start and it sounds like they are pulling in instead of leaving. I step to the side of the house and as they pull in, shooting from the windows of their SUV, I open fire with the 12 gauge and take out their front windshield and the back, also. The next shot is in the radiator and the third shot is just into the rig. They certainly found reverse in a hurry and back out a lot faster than they drove in. It looks like the SUV Royal was driving earlier. I guess his buddies are still looking for Shari.
Noah got back a short time after they left and mentioned seeing the SUV along the road, with steam coming from under the hood. I told him about the 2 guys and what I had done. He went over to let Will know then stopped to tell Kara and Rose and his Dad. His Dad would notify the Troopers tomorrow in town. I think I liked the good old days when it was only the bears I had to worry about.

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