A Trip to Greece 1990 – week 3

The third week:

I can’t believe it’s me, getting up at 5:30 a.m., staying up, eating breakfast, even, a few hours later. I’m going to be so healthy. Neighbor lady and I walked to the store TWICE today. Once at noon, big mistake, everyone here must shop at noon on Saturday. The second trip was to show a newcomer where everything is. I was kind of odoriferous by the end of the second trip so gave the odd tub a try. I’ve just been doing sponge bathes as the hot water wasn’t too regular. The tub is about 2 feet wide, 3 feet long and 3 feet deep. There is a molded seat to sit on one end and a hand held shower head. I used some foaming bath oil and it foamed up through the drain in the middle of the bathroom floor. Our bathroom is quite breezy and cool so one doesn’t linger. I did my laundry (jeans, T-shirts, etc.) at the same time. I’ve been hand laundering the underclothes and socks as we use them.
Doris hasn’t used much oxygen during the last 24 hours and when she has, its set at about ¼ liter per minute. Some difference from the 2 liter per minute she was using.
I got a daily paper again today. The Athens News, a small English language paper. Doris enjoys it.
I like the new fruit juice I found at the store and so does Doris. Banana, kiwi and coconut and a very refreshing drink, not very sweet.
One thing is very different, the doctor, the hotel, everyone, doesn’t want paid until we are ready to leave. Sure different than the US. Greece has a very low crime rate, too. Most everyone is honest and everyone is friendly. They push, shove, yell and smile but are more than willing to help a dumb tourist.
Doris is feeling well enough to write letters today. I did a bunch more postcards and finally have at least one done to each person on my list.
The neighbor lady, a new lady and I walked to the beach, then to the shopping area. I took the video camera. I brought back lots of rocks, too. Doris gets her daily pastry, each trip. Right now it is important that she not lose any more weight and maybe start to gain some. Her body needs to be able to help fight back.
TV is interesting. Movies are American made, dubbed into Spanish, with German subtitles and once in a while Greek under the German but very seldom. Kids watching these will certainly be multilingual. It sounds odd to see a lovely woman speaking in a deep masculine voice that sounds like they are holding up a bank or threatening someone during a tender love scene in the movie. Oh, yeah, the people dubbing in sound don’t necessarily match the gender of the person they are voice over-ing.
Doris is still using the bottle of oxygen that Dimitris hooked up on Thursday. We have two more full bottles on hand, so are very well supplied now.
I washed some laundry this morning. I don’t do much at a time as there is no place to dry it. The bathroom is much warmer now that I stuffed 2 plastic bags and a towel in the window.
Fahrenheit 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Celsius -18 -12 -7 -1 4 10 16 21 27 32 38
Doris went down the steps to the dining room to eat breakfast this morning. Nine very steep steps. Then she came back up them by herself. This afternoon she sat on the balcony for quite a while, also.
We watched “Der Preis Ist HeiB” (The Price Is Right – German version) I’m starting to understand a little bit of it.
We’ve bought so much Greek Oregano that I expect customs to think it is marijuana and bust us.
We heard a lot of hammering during the night and found it was coming from the room of the lady I walk to the store with. The bed fell apart during the night and the desk clerk was repairing it. We had to tease her and her husband about “no excitement”. The diet list specifies no sex during treatment.
I’m afraid Doris has caught a cold from some of the others. They sit around together, coughing, hacking and sneezing. I sure hope not but my head is getting stuffed up like it was before the trip here. Of course I left my medicine at home.
Doris went to the dining room for breakfast again this morning. I really think she is improving. She had a bit of a coughing spell this evening that brought up a good portion of her dinner though. I was getting pretty worried.
The lady I walk with and one of the boys taking treatments went to the store with me. He shouldn’t have, but Dimitris gave us a ride down town. Then he picked us up halfway back which was none too soon for the boy. Poor kid was worn out. Dimitris told him he should be resting, not walking.
The couple of the broken bed went on a tour to Posiedon’s Temple. They did not enjoy it.
Doris seems pretty good this morning. We thought I could go also, but another driver forgot a patient so she went instead. Maybe tomorrow.
So far the only coffee pots I have found that don’t require electricity (it’s 240 volt here) is a small very expensive expresso maker from Italy. Nothing from Greece for a gift that was asked for.
After breakfast in the dining room, we sat in the lounge. Then Doris had a coughing choking spell so we went upstairs. She didn’t feel too great the rest of the day. I didn’t go walking.
Yesterday was quite warm, 76 to 78 degrees F., looks like more of the same today.
Doris didn’t feel good this morning, even her tongue hurts. She has her third blood test this morning, will get the results tomorrow. I took the big oxygen bottle downstairs, it ran dry yesterday.
I washed and towel dried Doris’s hair. She says it feels a lot better, even used the curling iron, too. She is feeling better, is worried about how she looks now and didn’t when we first got here.
I got to go with Doris this morning. The doctor works out of his very large home compound on the other side of Athens so the trip is always interesting with a lot of old temples and part of a coliseum once in a while. I took some video and still shots of Doctor Alivizatos, his father (also a doctor) and Katrina, his nurse. Another girl works there also, who is from Saudi Arabia. Also took some video of Doris and Dimitris. Her blood count is 3.4 today. Not quite halfway through her treatment.
Neighbor lady and I went shopping. I got a nice cardigan sweater for Doris, ½ price. I got some books and other odds and ends. It was feeling pretty darned hot by the time we got back to the hotel with our loads. My back is hurting, too.

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