A Trip to Greece 1990 – week 4

The fourth week:

I didn’t get to go today so took the two oxygen bottles that Dimitris brought and did some postcards. I had already done our laundry before we went downstairs.
Yesterday was Greek Independence Day. Since it was Sunday, we didn’t have to get up early. Daylight Saving Time started also. That’s about everything that happened.
Today I got to ride along to the doctor’s. We’re going down to the Acropolis later today. It looked pretty smoggy in that direction as we went along the hills, on our way in. Still quite dark but getting light. Full daylight on the trip back.
After lunch, Dimitris took Doris and I on a tour of the sea front on the way to downtown Athens and the Acropolis. We saw Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Zeus. Syntanga Square, the Palace and Guards, the Old University, the original New Olympic Stadium, the Parthenon on the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. Several other neat things but the people and vehicles were so thick, it’s no wonder the drivers don’t want to go downtown. I hope I got some good pictures with the camcorder and the still camera.
I went looking for the bookstore but it was closed. I want to get a couple of Greek cookbooks by Vefa Alexiadou (in English).
Now we’re sitting on the beds, watching TV, waiting for Joe to call and getting worried because it is so late. Okay, he just called.
Another early morning. Both of us would have enjoyed sleeping a few more hours. That bed felt mighty comfy this morning.
I can’t believe the stupidity or death wish of some of these patients. They know they shouldn’t drink, smoke or exert themselves and must follow the diet. Yet they ignore all that just as soon as they start feeling better. One fellow with lung cancer and tubes draining them still smokes. Real Intelligent.
After breakfast, Dimitris took a wheelchair outside for us and I took Doris for a spin on the beach. She even got up and walked to the sea to dip her hand in the water.
The large estate compound between the hotel and the sea has a crew doing repairs to the driveway. The family is not in residence so the gates are left open and the crew allowed us to walk through and look over the grounds that we can see from our hotel room which looks directly down into the compound. They are very wealthy so worry about the children and other family members being abducted, hence the ugly fence and wire with glass over the top. The crew are dragging out a simple repair of some potholes and has about 20 people working to repair them. One determined person could have done the work that has been done in 2 weeks in one day.
I’m getting brave or stupid, I’ve got an appointment at the beauty shop for a perm. So here I sit, a bit more trimmed than I’d planned, but everyone is very friendly and a different person handles each stage of hair care. Then calls everyone over to touch the baby hair. None have touched adult hair so fine textured. It won’t be long until I see what the results are. It is supposed to be a loose wave perm.
Well, I got a heck of a shock this morning. I looked in the mirror. It’ll take some getting used to. Everyone says it looks good, but…….
I went to the doctor with Doris this morning. Before she went in for her turn the doctor had a seizure and passed out. He was attacked a while back and left for dead in his home. He has seizures ever since. Poor man. After a while, he was able to continue and went ahead and gave injections.
Neighbor lady and I walked downtown. I bought some odds and ends, then helped her pack some of her bags to go home.
Doris gets another blood test today. I hope it continues to go down. We won’t know until tomorrow.
After breakfast, the neighbor lady and I walked to town. Since we were a bit early, we went to the beach closest to our hotel. Some old guy was swimming, then he walked up to the outdoor shower head and back to the surf. The next thing we knew, he was naked, rinsing out his suit in the surf and putting it back on. This is the family beach. The next beach is a topless beach and the one beyond is a nude beach. The cars pull onto the edge of the sand here, everyone jumps out, changes into their swimsuits right there and then go swim. I don’t want to know what goes on at the other two beaches. I have seen more naked people at the family beach, but they are just changing clothes the locals say, no problem.
We fixed a teeny birthday surprise for the neighbor lady’s husband. He is a fine man with a terribly painful cancer of the bones. We bought a couple slices of cream cake and a candle. I made a birthday card – Happy Birthday from Grease Greece with a pat of butter in a zipper bag, (grease) and a deck of cards for him.
Doris woke up at 4 a.m. with a bad headache and not feeling good. I doubt if we will go to Sounion and Posiedon’s Temple today. I sure hope her blood count is down.
It is 2.6 today. They said she only needs one more shot but since we’ll be here a week longer, she can take more.
Okay, real important stuff, TV trivia. April 13th is Blame Someone Else Day. Finally a holiday I can identify with.
I don’t know why Dimitris didn’t come by about our trip. It’s probably just as well since Doris didn’t feel good this morning. I was really looking forward to getting out, I even stayed in the hotel instead of walking with the neighbor lady as I didn’t know when he would want to go.
The chiropractor adjusted Doris’s neck and upper back. She feels much better even breathes easier now.
The hotel handyman is a Greek replica of Bill Murray in “Caddyshack”. Looks similar and acts like the type that would blow up a golf course to kill a gopher.
Neighbor lady and I walked some, this evening. We went past a place with fish displayed in the parking lot to select and take inside to have cooked for your dinner.
There is a strange person staying here, today. It dresses sort of punk female, but even after it partially stripped and went swimming in the hotel pool, the bar man was undecided. He was clearing tables when we came back from our walk. The person had exotic gold glitter eye design that swooped up beyond each eye, rather pretty and wearing odd silk clothing.
My toothache is accelerating. Doris gave me some amoxicillin to take. It’s not a cavity, I don’t have any.

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