Mining Years Ago

Claire Say came to Alaska as a teacher for the town of Chicken, taking over from ‘Tisha when she no longer taught there. After teaching at Chicken a while, she taught at Manley Hot Springs where she met Archie Pringle. Archie contracted hauling freight from the river at Manley to the mining claims located around Eureka, north of Manley. Instead of the added expense of dogs or horses, Archie used his own muscle to haul the loads contracted for. Claire and Archie married and Claire had to give up her teaching as married women were not wanted as teachers.
Archie and Claire still worked their mining claims until the summer of 1987. That was their last summer mining. As they were packing their pickup to drive north from Washington State the summer of 1988, Claire suffered a fatal heart attack. Archie never recovered from that and died in January 1989. I loved them both.

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