Sew Long

My Sketch

A couple of years after I started spending summers at the mine, a fellow started a kennel for racing about a quarter mile down the hill from the cabin. By road, it was about a half mile. He kept pretty much to himself and worked very hard to establish his kennel and support his dogs. More dog mushers moved into the area and for the most part, were fairly compatible with gold mining. We used our roads and trails in the summer and they used them in the winter. They got a little testy when we moved one of our roads and started mining the area and what had been a trail became part of our dam.

We managed to keep things on an even keel and when the fellow below us married and started a family, his wife started doing a community pot luck once a month. It was very nice and we enjoyed it. She was an excellent cook and it was nice for both groups to get together socially. Most drank a bit and some smoked now and then. Since I did neither, I usually went home fairly early in the evening.

One night, everyone imbibed a bit freely and when one of the old time Miners and a lady musher fell asleep on the huge couch, the rest decided to pull a small prank on them. They moved both people until they were side by side, then using a large needle and heavy thread, they sewed their clothes together. From neck along the shoulder and down the arms, then on down the sides up the inseams and so on, both sets of clothing were firmly sewn in place. Everyone sat around waiting, but the two victims slept on. Finally everyone wandered off, either to their own homes or to bed and asleep.

Later, the lady woke up and attempted to brush her long hair away from her face, only to find her arm was very heavy and another hand smacked herself as she tried to rub. She got her eye open and found as she moved her arm, another arm moved with her.

She got both eyes open and discovered a sleeping face inches from her own. She tried picking threads loose, finally giving up and wriggling out of her clothes and then picking threads loose, glad that the elderly Miner was a sound sleeper. She redressed and went home.

A couple of years later, she was trying to attract sponsors and the old Miner happened to be at her place when the representative arrived. She was nervous and the old Miner jumped in to ease the tension by telling the guy about their getting sewn together as by that time he had heard the story many times. She wanted to punch him. She was trying to impress the man as being a good family oriented icon to represent their products. They did go ahead and sponsor her, in spite of the story.

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