Weathertight, at last!!

YAY!!!! No more worries about working on a ladder on the metal roof. Today we finished with that part of the cabin project. Metal roof is on, all the screws in, the chimney is now installed after I cut out a hole in the floor and built a support for it. As we started insulating the ceiling, it began snowing. What timing. We finished insulating the ceiling and put up the foil faced foam board over the insulation over the stairwell. Good. We only had enough foamboard for that but at least I won’t have to worry that John, the friend that came out to help on the roofing, will be gone before we get more board. Since that was all going so well, the boys brought out the door my daughter had painted in her livingroom so it would dry, not just freeze. So, the roof is on and insulated, the door is installed and the building holds heat as we did start up a propane heater downstairs to dry the downstairs out from the rain and then the snow we had while building the 2nd floor.
Driving down to my house, I stopped and cut a load of wood from the logs I had dragged up a couple of months ago during a rare sunny day. I need to get on that so they are all gone before I have to plow. What a day.