Home Again

Yay, home looks wonderful even though there was a slight frost here while I was gone, so the poor zucchini look pathetic. Then it rained last night and has been heavy cloud cover all day and not hot.
I think if I ever decide to take in another family reunion, I’m going to play little old lady needing help and ask for a wheel chair at the airports. I think they are trying to make sure everyone gets enough exercise by putting arrival and departure gates at the opposite ends of the huge terminals on purpose. The weather was hot and muggy and I thought I was going to melt into the tarmac as we were allowed to walk from the plane to the terminals in both Portland and Seattle. I swear I hiked miles, dragging along my carry-ons as there isn’t a weight limit on those so they almost equaled my body weight or felt like it by the time my daughter picked me up in Fairbanks.
The flights were very rough with turbulence bad enough that the stewardesses remained fastened in their seats the entire flight. It’s probably a good thing I’m not prone to motion sickness. We dropped and slid sideways once as we were landing in Seattle and I am really happy we still had enough elevation to handle that without going splat.
It’s good to be home.